Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.

George Francis Steiner

ausGesprochen stands for versatility - Discover my broad skillset - from interpreting to texting, language training and translation

I offer my services in the following languages:



Listening, understanding, processing and repeating all in real time

Interpreting is the oral translation of spoken language, which can be done simultaneously or with a slight time delay. We distinguish between various modes of interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Seamless communication within seconds

When interpreting in simultaneous mode, interpreters translate with a very slight delay (décalage) into another language - also called target language. As simultaneous interpreting is a very demanding task, the interpreter can only work for 30-45 minutes at a time. If your talk or presentation is longer than this, you’ll need two interpreters, who take turns interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting needs an interpreting booth and headsets and receivers for those in the audience who need translation.

Chuchotage (Whispered interpreting)

This type of simultaneous interpreting is used for audiences of up to 20 people. As with simultaneous interpreting, the spoken word is translated into the target language with a minimal time delay.

Consecutive interpeting

Consecutive interpreting is the oral translation of a spoken material with a time delay. Depending on the length of the speech, interpreting is performed from memory or based on consecutive notes. Consecutive mode is best used for press conferences or short speeches, such as toasts at official receptions.


Get your message across in another language

Translation is the transfer of written document from one language into another. With translation, the text type and target audience play an important role As you would expect, a translator would use a different style when translating a medical patient information leaflet to a tourism text or technical manual.

I specialise in the following fields: - Technology (specifically wood and varnish/coatings and decentralised energy generation) - IT - Tourism - Hotels - Textiles

Transcription & Subtitling

Ensure your videos reach a wide audience

Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have become an integral part of the communication of many companies. But if you wish to reach an international audience, you’ll need to either recreate the video in another language or add subtitles. Feel free to reach out to me for video transcription and subtitles for your videos.


Find the right words

If you need text for your website, a brochure or other marketing materials but can’t find the right words, let’s talk. Together, we‘ll find the perfect solution for your project.

Language training

ausGesprochen stands for multilingualism

Having offered private tuition and adult language training for many years, I am an experienced language tutor. Alongside course offerings for individuals, I also offer group trainings as well as private tuition.